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Too Much Easter Candy

Lots about sugar in this week’s links.  Maybe it’s a chocolate bunny hangover.

Here’s a detailed explanation of the assertion sugar is a toxin we abuse like cigarettes and alcohol.

If sugar is an abused toxin, you may be a closet addict.  Check out these common foods that surprisingly contain more sugar than a Twinkie.

A new study proposes a link between a mother’s diabetes and obesity and the development of autism.

There’s also some evidence a common surgery may actually reverse diabetes.

Enough sugar news.  Other stuff from the week I found interesting.

Dieticians know a lot about nutrition.  It’s their profession, after all.  That’s why I’m not surprised 74% of these nutrition experts report using supplements.  Smart folks.

Learn a new word to impress friends: Beitzah.  You likely ate one last weekend.  And no, it doesn’t mean ‘chocolate bunny’.

One mother offers her tips for getting your kids to eat more green vegetables.

Finally, it’s a puppy that fits in a coffee mug!  Awws all around..