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What Kind of Ballpark Eater are You?

Not many interesting items to choose from this week on the world wide web.  Well, except the for the bizarre naked face eater story.  Don’t use drugs kids.

So with summer “officially” starting with Memorial Day, I give you a few links to enlighten your coming dog days.


Man, I love taking in a ball game on a summer evening at the Ted.  Which is why I was interested in learning which of Food Republic’s 7 Types of Ballpark Eaters I most resembled.  Loge Traditionalist sounds about right.

Being a Loge Traditionalist means I like hot dogs.  With ketchup and mustard.  Here’s 7 things I didn’t know about the latter.

Try a few ways to lessen the sugar in your favorite summer drinks.  Less sugary drinks =more swimsuit confidence.

And, lastly, a deep tan is not healthy, it’s a precursor to skin cancer.  Be sure to lather on sunscreen regularly.  Here’s what you need to know to use it wisely.